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More Rover Series

Thought I might as well put up the 1992 list of Class 1 as well for a bit of additional beard stroking. Some well known and no doubt fondly remembered names in there.  If anyone would like to punt in some reminiscences of these old boats or even a where they are now -  do send them and I'll edit and put them up.

Rover Series 1992 class 1 


Kumalie and Campbell Moore Further to the mention of Kumalie down the page, Pete Wright notifies us of her latest exploits which can bee seen here on the FYC website. Pete says  "There was an amazing blog and CM raised buckets of cash for MS and Brain Cancer Trust.Campbell completed the trip, Kumalie looks amazing."  Looks like the red curtains have gone though.

Etchells at RGYC

Etchells at RGYC

Geoffrey Howison has been doing a terrific job masterminding the resurgence of the Etchells class at RGYC.  There will be over a dozen of these cool raceboats on the moorings there in 2015 and there is room for more. There is to be a meeting of those involved on Tuesday 27th Jan at RGYC and as a newcomer to the class I am sure that any interested parties would be welcome to attend.  I am aware of a fairly old Etchells which could be got back into racing trim quite readily and which for sailing at RGYC could be had for a ludicrously low price. Email me as below. 

Email Chas No More.

For now anyway. It has taken a protracted rainy spell to get me to investigate why the 'Email Chas' form has not been working. As I keep banging on, this site is pretty old, using prehistoric simple html and with the web hosting company having been taken over a few times yet having survived somehow. The current provider, rejoicing in the name 'Madasafish' has decided apparently to remove the cgi server side scripting which allowed me to have a primitive reply form and that's the reason it has denied access to anyone who tried to email me. The good bit is that the hosting for this site has never cost me anything at all - hence the complete lack of advertising. The forum is different -it is hosted separately and I have to pay to keep that ad free which is why sponsorship of the banners has been good.  (Whether it is worth keeping the forum going is another issue entirely)
So if I want to restore a form, the site will have to be moved to another provider who will charge me for the privilege and I don't want to be messing about with advertising, still less learn about active server pages, javascript and all that jazz.  I think we can live without the form. 
If you really want to email me I will tell you only once.  It's cggs   Where?  At this domain name of course.  What's that?  Do you really have to ask? It's   Maybe you should write it down for future reference.  As if.

Scottish Series Remembered

Here's a look back to 1992, the year I first showed up at the Scottish (Rover) Series. In Class 7. With 29 entries. The smallest class was Class 1 with 20. Every other class numbered at least 25. Of course back then Rover was still a make of cars that were built in the UK and nobody thought it was particularly strange to race elderly cruisers under 30ft LOA.

Rover Series Class 7 1992

I suppose it's pointless to look back like this with the Scottish Marine Industry insisting that we really must buy ever larger masses of floating glass reinforced plastic. It really does seem like another time but then again what's to stop the relatively impecunious going off to race a terminally depreciated cruiser?  Is it the same problem that's being noticed by B&Q et al - that the present generation of young home owners apparently don't want to, don't have time to or just can't attempt diy. Anyway, diy aside it was a whole lot of fun at the time as I recall.

btw I know Campbell Moore is alive and well but has Kumalie with the red spotted racing curtains survived? 

Web2  - 2015 - where next? 

Looking back in an ancient folder it seems I first registered not later than February 2002 which makes the site, under this name at least, 13 years old. Before that it also had an even more primitive existence from around 1996 in the long vanished days of dial-up modems and unaffordable digital cameras. While at the very first I was just playing about, interested in this new website thing which you could build yourself, what with my main interest being sailing it soon became apparent that a clyde-centred sailing site could have a useful purpose. Back then I found myself somewhat ahead of the game as most yacht clubs had not yet developed their own websites - or certainly not any very responsive ones. As often as not one had gone home after a weekend sailing event before the final results were pinned up and so I took it upon myself to copy down those results by hand, put them up on the web with a bit of banterish commentary and whatever photographs I could manage with the outcome of this highly labour-intensive process being that quite soon it became the go-to site on a Monday morning as lots of people checked in to see the results and what have you.  

WHYW 2003

The yacht clubs have of course long since caught up with Phil Walter's result service, initially for the Scottish Series, leading the way such that results are now online just after the last finisher.  Nevertheless, such was the apparent popularity and positive feedback I was getting plus the banter on the forum which was established soon after, that there seemed no reason not to carry on. It was never sailing anarchy but being an independent site responsible to nobody meant I could poke fun where I chose and the potential all-clyde overview seemed useful given the inward looking attitudes found so much elsewhere. I was competing in plenty of events anyway, was able to get an on-the-water amateur account up long before any print media and it just meant staying up late on a Sunday night compiling and uploading it all.  

But nothing stays the same and things move on.  I no longer do much racing, thus losing the essential I-was-there aspect and static web sites such as this have been overtaken by the so-called Web 2 which brings interactivity directly to your omnipresent mobile device with the current front running Social Media site being Facebook. Clydesailing has had a presence on Facebook as a 'Community' for a few years now and has acquired just a little short of 550 followers at time of writing. It is so easy to punt something up on Facebook - much less tedious than compiling html pages -and with the advantage that followers can view and start responding with their comments immediately. For example the other day I posted up this old picture which anyone of a certain age who ever visited Royal Gourock YC will recognise instantly.


At the time of writing this, Facebook informs me that the picture has 'reached' (whatever that means) 1,836 people, with 66 stating a 'like' and has  attracted 14 comments.  That's impressive and shows clearly the way that the young, mobile-addicted generation accesses its information and entertainment. Yacht Clubs should take note I think. While a static web site is necessary as a 'presence' and place to host vital information, entry forms etc, for getting info out there,the social media route is very worthwhile. There are of course many who are highly suspicious of all this fancy modern stuff and fear that registering for such nonsense will intrude on their privacy and possibly their bank details not to mention the idiotic frivolity of it all. But to take this view is, I think, to miss out. 

So what am I trying to say? Basically I think that this site has just about outlived its usefulness and furthermore that I have lost some of my enthusiasm for keeping it constantly updated. For the meantime at least I will keep it live and will be happy to post notices of races, photos or anything else that is sent to me.  As you will see from what follows.  The old steam Forum will carry on and I'll review its future when the present sponsorship (thanks James Watt Dock) runs out. I'll be putting more stuff and more words on Facebook, so if you have the nerve, go there and join in. Obviously you can continue to comment on this and anything else on the forum as well.  

A Happy New Year to you all  and lets hope for another great sailing season. As ever there will be plenty going on.

Mudhooks and Westerns

Those august members of the Royal Western seem to be collaborating with the even more rarified Mudhooks giving rise to the prospect of the awful spectre of old men wearing not only red trousers but garishly multicoloured ties as well. But not clown noses.They know how to run good regattas. Here's the first warning of the Savills Kip Regatta - and the Old Pulteney Mudhook.

Kip Regatta Mudhook Regatta

Silvers Marine Scottish Series at 41

Silver marine Scottish Seres 2015 Marc Turner

The Clyde Cruising Club is delighted to officially announce the dates for Scottish Series 2015:

22-25th May the second UK bank holiday. As ever the event will be held in the popular and picturesque village of Tarbert on Loch Fyne.

The organising committee is also very pleased to announce that Silvers Marine, headline sponsors from 2014 have agreed to come back for a second year. Silvers is a well known and historic brand on the Clyde and beyond. The yard has long been known for its capabilities for build, repair and maintenance of yachts. This tradition has been extended and secured with the purchase of Silvers by parent company GSS in 2014.

Jamie McGarry, Managing Director of Silvers, regular contender and winner of Class 1 in 2014, said “Silvers Marine is very excited to be sponsoring the CCC Scottish Series for the second time. Building on the success of the 40th anniversary regatta we are hoping for an even bigger turnout in 2015 especially from our friends farther afield in Ireland and the rest of the UK. Scottish boats have enjoyed the hospitality and efforts of our neighbours many times in the last few years and now we hope to return the compliment. “

SMSS overall trophy Red Hot Poker Marc Turner

For 2015 all Spinnaker classes will revert to racing in Loch Fyne on Day 1 whilst the white sail class and passage race only classes will start their event in Largs on Thursday night with a buffet supper followed by a passage race to Tarbert on the Friday. Once again in 2015 the Clyde Challenger Passage race to Tarbert and the Round Inch Race on the Sunday will be open to all comers as stand-alone races.

The Notice of Race and entry forms will be published soon but in the meantime we hope you will put the dates in the diary and we look forward to seeing you all in Tarbert in 6 months time.  

None other than Dane Ralston, SMSS Chairman sends this in and adds:

Whilst we want to attract all comers we in particular would like to encourage the grass roots smaller one designs etc to the event. The overall trophy (and what a trophy it is, see above ) was won last year by a Sonata 22 so maybe that will be an encouragement. We also encourage the less experienced racers to take part in the two passage races open as stand alone entries if only as a taster of the event so as to take part in full next year.

West Highland Yachting Week  August 1-7 2015.

The powers that be have been busy up Oban way and the following is compiled from info sent in by our friend Alison Chadwick, their press officer:

 After the Commonwealth Games hiccup last year 2015 West Highland Yachting Week is back to its usual slot in the calendar and takes place from August 1-7 2015.

West Highland yachting Week 2015

Tunnocks has agreed to sponsor the event  -  the company having been the major supporter of the event for a number of years.

Andy Knox, (who takes over from retiring chairman David Waltho, who has been involved in running the event for the last 12 years) as newly appointed chairman of the Joint Regatta Committee (JRC) that runs the event, said: ‘Tunnock’s continuing support is wholeheartedly appreciated by the JRC and all of the competitors as the major factor in enabling this premier event to be enjoyed by so many along the stunning Argyll coastline. The format of the event has enabled racing and cruising families to come together for a week of combined fun and competition for many a year.’

The committee is hopeful for all last year’s supporters to come in again for the 2015 event. This includes Tobermory Harbour Association, Argyll and Bute Council, The Crown Estate, GaelForce and help in kind from West Coast Motors and Flit Autos.

Andy Knox is no stranger to these waters having sailed around the Clyde and the west coast over a period of around 40 years. He and his wife Ruth moved from Glasgow to Ardrishaig some five years ago to be near their sailing base at Ardfern, where they have berthed since 1994.
Being a cruising sailor, Andy’s introduction to racing was through joining the Joint Regatta Committee for the 2014 event and, as part of the race team, was swept up by witnessing the enjoyment WHYW gave to so many people.
Andy and Ruth have cruised extensively in their Hylas 46 True Brew. Andy is also a Royal Highland Yacht Club committee member.

Philip Preston, vice-chairman of the Joint Regatta Committee, has also stepped down due to pressure of work. He is succeeded by Eric Chapman, who has been part of the JRC for many years. Philip will remain as an assistant race officer for the event for 2015 so will still be a familiar face to competitors.

And now your opinion is requested:

OVER the last few years interest in the feeder races for the start of West Highland Yachting Week from the Clyde and Ireland has waned with a low level of entries.
The Joint Regatta Committee (JRC) started the feeder race from Gigha as an alternative for boats from the south, although this was not run in 2014.  Only the popular Oban to Craobh feeder has been retained.

However in looking to the 2015 event, the JRC is asking for feedback regarding the re-introduction of any of these races. If there is sufficient demand, the committee will look at re-instating them. This may include the traditional Bangor to Craobh race, or the race from Gigha to Craobh or from the Clyde to Ardrishaig.


COMPETITORS are being asked if they want to see the re-introduction of an IRC class at West Highland Yachting Week.

Although these were offered over the last few years the interest was low and many competitors who had expressed an interest in racing IRC, then switched classes to CYCA.  The Joint Regatta Committee (JRC) therefore decided to concentrate on the traditional CYCA class system.

However if there is sufficient interest expressed the JRC will consider the re-introduction of an IRC class. 

To respond to either of these issues please contact Ross Wilson, secretary JRC on 01631 710 132 or office AT


Chas, the author of this site, is owner of Troikka an Elan 37 which along with his family and mates he cruises  and would like to race
from the Clyde.  I'd be interested in any comments on the site and will respond to any questions. If you are new to sailing on the Clyde and have any questions or interest please email me. I'll either try to answer them myself or point you to someone who can. You can use the reply page to email me.